The weaver of magic

Wulfhelm, second year apprentice as magician, stands before the ardous end of his career. His master Martor is being stabbed by an evil Sorceress and tells his trainee about a magical artifact to save the world, while he is dying. With little information and less experience the boy starts his quest for the wonderous thing and crosses even the borders of hell on his way.
Soon he meets the slightly choleric maiden warrior Harika and the bustling thief Darius. Together they master a lot of troubles like the conversion of an evil witch for a group of monsters, who discovered democracy for themselves. The escape from the dungeon of the guild of thieves and the empress' palace as soon as a tournament with the remnants of a battle fought long times ago.
This draws attention of the evil sorceress and she sends here most loyal servant after Wulfhelms group, to get a hold of the friends. Togehther with the elven princess Alandra and the pacifistic troll Prunk they decend into hell. But it turns to be different than all the legends that are told about it.

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The Crate of Crisis

Twelve years have passed since the adventures around the Weaver of Magic. Wulfhelm and Harika had married and a son named Avion together, who just celebrated his tenth birthday. On a visit of the family at their old friend's Darius and Alandra the kid disappeares, after he opens an ancient jewel case, that was salvaged from the darkmoor by Falgrim, the treasure hunter, before. The hints lead to the Southlands.
Accompanied by the treasure hunter Harika and Wulfhelm sally forth to save their son. Thereby they travel to the Southlands and meet some figures from the tales of the arabian night.
After they tricked the bouncers Cem & Ali, they are accused of murder and have to deal with a genie and the fourty thiefs before they approach their goal in the desert, the ghost town Tetkepa.

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