Mapped with CC3


The maps were drawn, using Campaign Cartographer 3 from the company ProFantasy, an invaluable tool for the creation of maps. Be it for the purpose of books or classical pen & paper roleplayers

Map of the land Ardavil on the shard Famirlon. (Resolution: 4000x6400, 5.5MB) click to enlarge
Detailed view of the area the weaver of magic is set. (Resolution: 6400x4000, 4.7MB) click to enlarge.
Map of the Southlands (Resolution 6400x4000, 4.97MB) Click to enlarge.
Map of Harpienfels (Resolution: 6400x4000, 5.5MB) Click to enlarge.
Map of Famirlon (Resolution: 7000x5000, 16.2MB) Click to enlarge.


The cover of Die Weberin der Magie(Resolution: 1240x841, 197KB) Click to enlarge.
The cover of Die Kiste der Krise (Resolution: 1576x1110, 424KB) Click to enlarge.
Cem & Ali from the second shardland chronicle: Die Kiste der Krise (Resolution 1024x831, 114KB) click to enlarge.
Portrait of Yolanda of Hawkstone from
Die Weberin der Magie for the third chronicle.
(Resolution: 1986x1786, 500KB) click to enlarge.
Nimue, the »aunt of the lake« from
Yolanda and the evil Prince
(Resolution: 1500x1500, 230KB) Click to enlarge.
Gwenhwyvar, aka Gwen from
Yolanda and the evil Prince
(Resolution: 1500x1500, 238KB) Click to enlarge.