Welcome to the Shardlands

On the following pages I would like to introduce the Shardlands to you, that are the setting to a couple of stories. Along with maps, shortstories and information about the books, I am working on an encyclopaedia (under the menupoint The Shardlands) about the characters and places, as well as the divine world and the gods that are trying to influence these lands to their benefit (spoiler-alert).
I hope to add some »value for revisiting« and encourage you to visit this pages from time to time.

Under the point Soon-Newspaper you can find some kind of news-archive. The little difference: most points were anouncements, that I planned to do. I did everything except one point already. On this page I added a paper(.li), that is published weekly. Besides RSS-Feeds of the »Tagesschau«, tweeds of german eBook-authors are included.
In the Gallery are very high-res maps available, if you like to print them (on e-reading devices they are quiet small). I also heard of people using them for p&p rpg's, what I am glad of. In addition to the book-covers I want to make some drawings of characters an put better use to my copy of ArtRage. Next a portrait of Yolanda is planned, because I could use that motive for the next cover.
By now there are only two stories in the Downloads section. I tried to make an online-reading of the tale of old Barney (only on the german page). There is an interaktive story in planning, that circles around the coronation of the empress of Ardavil. According to the readers decisions, the plot will be told in different points of view. It will still take some time, because it is more difficult to keep survey of the whole thing, as I thought. :)

Niels Rudolph

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