Warning !!!

Here starts a small encyclopaedia of the Shardlands. The descriptions (especially of the characters) contain details that may spoil the stories of the books.


How everything began ...

The divine world

The realms of Famirlon


How everything began ...

The world is ... err ... was a jug

Something wasn't right in the pantheon of the gods.
The heavenly fellows were loitering in the bar all day long, lamenting and argueing. Emoras the godfather, discontented with this situation, set up a competition to create worlds, to offer these rascals a bit of variety in the daily grind. Only true gods were admitted to the competition, neither the demigods nor the helpful spirits and whoever else was roaming the heavenly realms. This didn't suit the plans of Tornak, Earthgiant with demigod-status. He had looked forward to the task, but instantly got Emoras to complain, but the godfather referred to an ancient rulebook and told him to lend a hand in the garden.

Grumpy Tornak established a Workshop for under challenged demigods and decided to tinker something on his own. He only had a bucket full of earth and some modeling clay, these are the standard set of tools for every earthgiant, and pondered feverishly what he could do with it. An idea struck him like lightning, as he decided to take a sip from his beloved whisky jug. The globe like jar with the long bottle-neck, would be an exquisite target for creative rearrangement, so Tornak began to form mountains and woods, meadows and lakes. That looked pretty neat already but appeared quiet dead, so Tornak made the first creatures to scurry on the jug, elves, dwarfes, humans and dragons. As Tornak found his pace, he hardly could stop and he created a bunch of different entities. Since the creation of worlds was prohibited to him, he had to protect his jug from access by the other gods and sneaked into the storage room to fetch a protective spell for himself.
He had been observed by the twins Rina and Wala, the goddesses of envy and discord, taking a cigarette break in front of the nearby workshop. Word has finally gotten out, that Tornak wanted to participate in the competition. The twins assumed that the earthgiant had build something behind the gods back. They decided to look into this matter and dicovered the jug on a shelf in Tornaks quarters and pushed it to the floor.

Under malicious laughter the goddesses vanished. Tornak returned in good spirits with a crystal of protection. A bloodcurdling yell of horror sounded through the heavenly realm. The crystal slipped from his hands to the floor splitting asunder, tiny pieces rained down on the pile of shards. Broken-hearted the Earthgiant cried bitterly tears against yonder who did this to him and where these tears hit the land, they turned into diamonds, being the container for all the grudge and malice Tornak felt. He was about to sweep the shards together as he noticed new life spreading among the shards and Tornak decided to leave everything in this condition. This is how the Shardlands eventually originated, swam in an ocean of finest whisky mixed with the dust and dirt on the floor.