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My name is Niels Rudolph.
I was born on 12.07.1970 in Bremen/Germany and my interests went early to computertechnology and creative work. Even though it was easily foreseen, that IT (there wasn't even such a word) would be the future market par excellence, I decided to start an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic: specialization industrial engineering.
In my spare time I read a lot of books (especially on the long way to work) and drawed. Later an immense interest in medieval history came along, unimaginable since then. History was one of my most hated subjects in school, maybe because of moves and changes of school I allways had the same subjects, Napoleon and third reich.
Job-related I concentrated on hightech, learned about CNC-Machines and came in touch with lasercutting (fortunately not directly). Beforehand I worked a couple of years in the production of a large automobile-company, because I had to fulfill my duty in the Bundeswehr (thanks for that again, germany) and had to drop my job in maintenance. Routine left a lot of space for divagation and the Shardlands emerged, besides I put a lot of energy to MMORPGs, especially the unforgotten Ultima Online.
Career advancement affected creativity negatively. It is not very easy to write, if you are planning the next days operational procedures, resulting in the fact, that the novel was dusting in a drawer. Highly raised leisure brought it to surface again and aroused old intentions and fresh ideas like this websites.

My authorpages on Jimdo

I made these pages, to check some problems of a friended author to install a g+-button. Now the pages are on the web, so it would be a waste not to fill them with content. On these pages, I may take better attention to topics, that end in »off-topic« on this site.

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