News from the Soon-Newspaper

The Soon-Newspaper is a paper about the prophets- and fortune tellers guild in Palmsgrove (Palmenhain) which is published weekly, While ordinary papers write about things that already happened, the Soon reports about future events.

13.05.2012 Since today there will be an own newspaper von (as Widget to the right or click title to open). Who wants to place an article in the news, can do so over the hashtags of the eBook-Club (#debk) or #scherbenlaender via Twitter. This is a brandnew project and I hope, I understood how it works and that it adds some value to these pages.

19.04.2012 She's coming! The fullcolor map of the whole shard Famirlon, with the realms Harpienfels, Ardavil and the Southlands. I hope to illustrate my second project: The encyclopaedia of the shardlands. Some articles are allready online, but its still kind of barren.

12.04.2012 I changed the title of the second chronicles to Die Kiste der Krise, because there is a parody of Bernd, das Brot with the title "Berndie Broter und der Kasten der Katastrophen" with a similar name.

06.04.2012Good friday. It is done. Der Kasten der Katastrophe is accomplished and should be available via amazon by tomorrow. I won't set any new goals by now, because there are a lot of things, I want to finish before. At this point I wish a contemplative Easter to all of you.

24.02.2012 Kids, How time flys by. I am working on a few projects at the moment. On top of the list is the completion of the second chronicle Der Kasten der Katastrophe, thet is making good progress.
I edited Die Weberin der Magie and uploaded it to amazon, with the plead to inform customers that they are able to upgrade to the new file. Now there is a navigational TOC and larger Maps. I got a confirmation, that it is put on schedule, but got no positive feedback till now.
There will be a new shortstory soon, that I try to set up interactive as HTML for the first time. If the experiment is successful, I'll see, how I can convert it as smart as possible to an ebook.

15.01.2012 New year, new plans. The pages of the shardlands shall get a new face. More interaktivity is the magic word. Keywords should be fully linked with the appropriate content. The beginning is made with the menu point The Shardlands and now I am about to overhaul all pages.

23.12.2011 I decided to give some attention to the menu point The Shardlands, that did not change till the site gone live. I want to change the structure and tell more about the god's world, geography and Cultures. I wish all of you, who accompanied these pages, a peaceful christmas and a happy new year.

17.11.2011 It was planned for some time now, but there were some hurdles to take. My most actual audiosoftware is so old, it even had problems with the NTFS filesystem. Gladly it worked to export samples as .wav. Now the german version of Barney is available for download as reading.

02.10.2011 I've got a phonecall from my former boss. One of his people is in the hospital and he asked me to fill in for the colleague, of course I'll do. The completion of the second cronicle this year gets unlikely. Get well soon, Mike.

20.09.2011 After the puplishing of the anthology Un-patho-logisches the next anthology with medieval stories is about to come in november. The story I wrote for it is called "Heinrich" and with 30 pages slightly longer. It is the story of young runaway who falls into the hands of the vitalian brotherhood under Claus Stoertebeker. In addition I contributed to a competition for new interpretations of Grimms tales which is due till end of year. Some events that slowed me down occured, putting me after my own schedule on the second Shardland Chronicle. I still hope to finish it before christmas.

10.07.2011 The work on the second Shardland-Chronicles are running at full speed. The introduction is done and the heros reached the Southlands in the meantime. Now it's research on Arabian Nights to do. Two characters already conquered my heart: Cem & Ali. A sketch of them is available in the gallery and i think about them to become a fixed part of these pages, where they can rant about actual news to their hearts content. Let's see ...

31.05.2011 New Plans. Actually I am working on the translation of The treasure of Darkmoor and eliminated some formating glitches (hyphens). I started the second book and next to Campaign Cartograper I bought the City Designer, that I want to use to draw city maps. Ambitious target: To create an atlas as .PDF. Let's see if it succeeds.

01.05.2011 Now I loaded a heap of work onto my shoulders and started to translate the stories to english. Barney made the beginning and is available for download either on this page or at smashwords. I will continue, if I got some time.

16.04.2011 As another platform for distribution I took into account. I will do some testing with Barney.

25.03.2011 By the way I am working on the book cover and the second short story, which will be called Barney and should be ready to download in the next few days.

10.03.2011 After a lot of pros and cons, I decided to publish The weaver of magic on my own. I now have to find a cover, then it shall be distributed as an ebook via Amazons Kindle Direct Publishing.

28.02.2011 Allthough its hard to believe, The Shardland-Pages had visitors from Poland and USA in no time. To ease the navigation of this site for foreign visitors it is planned to translate the page to english and also add a section for external links.

27.02.2011 The first short story "The treasure of darkmoore" finds its way to downloads section.

26.02.2011 Thanks due to the suggestion of a friend, the section of the Soon-Newspaper as a news-archive is set up.

20.02.2011 The site can be found with google.

16.02.2011 The Shardland-Pages go online.